washing xero shoes

As a general rule of thumb, a pair of running shoes should last for three to four months for regular runners. It is assumed by this time that you must have covered between 400 to 500 miles of running. You may need to replace them with a new pair if you observe that both the midsoles and outsoles are worn or compressed. Like all Xero shoes so far that do not feature a tongue and laces, these are best suited to folks with high volume feet, that means tall and wide feet. The heel and ankle areas are very generous, so if you have narrower heels or less tall feet, you may find them to fit in a loose or casual style.

  • This running shoe provides some arch-side as well as some shock absorption support.
  • Loosening the laces on your running shoes opens up the inside of the shoe so more air can get in and water can more easily evaporate out when they start drying.
  • Its also suitable for people transitioning into barefoot shoes.
  • When you flex your foot throughout the stride, the minimal running shoe does the same.
  • A men’s 8, for example, would be comparable in length to a women’s 9.

However, regular care will extend the shoes’ lifespan, and here are the ways to clean barefoot shoe uppers. So spending time handwashing them with soap, or putting them in the washing machine and hoping they don’t fall apart, is a bit of a pointless exercise, in my opinion. I run a shoe blog and I have never heard of this style. Never have been a huge fan of barefoot running or anything but I may have to try a pair of these. As for the knot, it’s going to flatten the more you wear them and will be unnoticeable at some point.

Can I Machine Wash My Xero Shoes?

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  • This section applies to ALL shoes, whether they’re leather, vegan, fabric, rubber, whatever.
  • Conventional running shoes, by contrast, feature at least 10-12mm drop from the heel to the toe and also provide more heel cushioning than minimalist running shoes.
  • I’d be interested to hear about your experience any any pointers for folks who might want to be barefoot more often.
  • If you’re purchasing high quality shoes, the odds are good you will be able to get them to fit your unique foot.
  • Suede is the most susceptible to changing when wet so be extra cautious, but all the above methods can be used.

Even when you don’t roll them, this flexibility means you can squish them into your pack in any available nook or cranny. They’re much easier to pack than a thick, structured pair of shoes. This flexibility is also great for comfort, allowing you to move unrestricted.


Another study found that barefoot running reduces pronation in runners. People with flat feet tend to overpronate so the could be considered as evidence. Several studies have also shown a lower incidence of flat feet in people who are habitually barefoot.

washing xero shoes

The last factor that can determine the lifespan of your barefoot shoes is the terrain you run or walk on. Softer terrain like carpet or grass feels great in your barefoot shoes, and this terrain doesn’t wear down the sole as fast either. Harder terrain, including sidewalk, asphalt, and even hardwood will begin to degrade the sole in quick order. Besides the shoes themselves, how you use them can also influence their lifespan. Like would be the case for any type of shoe, the more often you wear your barefoot shoes, the quicker the shoe will begin breaking down. If you love barefoot shoes so much that you wear them daily (and really, who can blame you?), your shoes likely won’t last as long as someone who wears theirs once or twice a week.

How To Avoid Injuries When Transitioning To Minimal Shoes

The Prio is perfect for runners with great foot strength and ideal for active individuals who are looking to boost their foot strength. Thanks to the synthetic leather, the Prio has an expensive look about it without giving up the vegan-friendliness of the running shoe. The midsole material in the Prio is minimal at best and barely enough to provide some impact protection while cradling the foot.

Most running stores sell at least a version of a zero drop shoe, which would give you an idea of feel/what they’re like. The laces, uppers and inner soles have started to show wear and tear beyond what I would expect for the use they were subjected to. I have approximately 100 miles of wear on these shoes. I didn’t expect to see this much deterioration with them in such a short period of time. This was a « check the box » solo hike of five days and four nights, designed to complete the last of the Grand Canyon trails I had yet to tread. I descended from the South Rim along the South Kaibab, and cut over along the Tonto trail all the way to Boucher Creek.

Are Vivobarefoot Waterproof?

Your big toes, ideally, would actually not even just be straight but actually angle a bit inward toward your midline, which is the opposite of tapers like this. That ingrained fashion styling for a pointed shoe is so central to our culture that touches like this make it into our beloved barefoot shoes again and again and I wish they wouldn’t. It’s really, really flexible, so it lets your foot move naturally. Canvas shoes look like, well, pretty much any kind of shoe because canvas is a material that people have been using to make footwear for thousands of years. So you’ll see it in footwear that’s casual footwear, for slip-ons, for lace-ups, for running shoes, for basketball shoes, for hunting shoes, for boating shoes… almost anything you can find. Leave your running shoes and insoles out in a warm, dry place. The lifespan of a pair of barefoot shoes can be about a year to three years, depending on how often you wear them, whether you run or walk, and the terrain you traverse in your shoes.

What happens to your feet when you wear barefoot shoes?

Walking barefoot or in barefoot shoes restores muscle strength in our feet and legs. Because barefoot shoes have no arch support or extra cushioning, our feet do what they are meant to do and use, or rebuild, their muscles.

I came to really appreciate the laces and lacing system on this hike. I found I could lace up the boots in very low light, almost total darkness, without needing a headlamp. The laces are big and thick enough that I could lace the shoes even with hiking gloves on, which I needed to keep my hands warm in the morning. A few days later I did 7 miles on the Pima Canyon Trail, again in the Santa Catalina Mountains. I used Coolmax liner socks that came up over the top of the shoes. I figured the thin socks would give me plenty of space, and they did.

How Long Do Barefoot Shoes Last?

Lightweight, flexible, and versatile, the Xero Shoes Hanas are great for travel—although we wish they were more durable. Let us know if you think it’s important for the community to review it.

  • Most running stores sell at least a version of a zero drop shoe, which would give you an idea of feel/what they’re like.
  • I personally wouldn’t consider the Prio an « all-terrain » solution.
  • These are baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and a toothbrush.
  • When leather goods are not in use I like to cover them from dust.

You can also just go right ahead and paint over your shoe (at least wipe it down first though!). I like everything in my wardrobe to be mix and match-able and that means getting a consistent color palette.

The sole is quite grippy, which is a major plus for both hiking and city-strolling. You won’t have to worry about slipping on those pretty-yet-dangerous cobblestone streets, but you may need to be more careful on slick, technical terrain.

washing xero shoes

In practice, we haven’t noticed any great benefit to it. If you yank it super tight, it’ll tighten the shoe, but only by a small amount. Xero Shoes Hana Men’s InsoleThere is a 5,000-mile warranty on these soles. As of this review, Xero claims that if you wear through the outsoles within washing xero shoes 5,000 miles, they’ll replace them for 60% off the retail price. We haven’t had a reason to test them on this yet, so your mileage may vary. At just 5.4 ounces each for a men’s size 9, the Z-Trail EV remains just as lightweight and versatile as the original best-selling Z-Trail.

This can really affect the fit, but also can be easily fixed . My most used technique for filling in shoes that are too deep is with these sticky felt pads. You can get different shapes and thicknesses, but I always put them on the top of the shoe right over my arch. This has opened up a lot of options for me that otherwise didn’t fit well. There are also heel grips (though I often find that with the sticky felt I don’t need them).

This reminds me of the time I spent with the rural barefoot Pounongs in the northeastern mountains of Cambodia. They had that super-strong grip their feet held with the earth, with toes spread out apart from each other. Your barefoot shoes are probably water-resistant, but do you really want to put that feature to the test? Any spots in your home that get rather moist can accelerate the degradation process.

washing xero shoes

Stability shoes are ideal for runners with mild or moderate overpronation. They usually come with a firm post which fortifies the arch area of each midsole. These are the areas that are profoundly impacted by overpronation. Overpronation is a common attribute that affects a large percentage of runners and leaves them at severe risk of knee injury and pain. If you are an overpronator, you need motion control or stability shoes .